If you’re a lady who’s ready to level-up your relationship with yourself, the earth, delicious healing foods from Momma Gaia, and to finally find a community of womxn doing the same, look no further. Welcome to your new virtual home. I’m so grateful we found each other, Queen!

Here you will find my discoveries from my personal healing journey. I will share with you my experiences using the most natural approach possible to heal from the inside out. I’m talking spiritually, physically, emotionally…. because if I’ve learned anything this far, they all tie in together.  And lastly, how I built my own growing community of women on similar paths.

My dream is to inspire you, providing you with the tools I’ve used along my way to a more healthy, abundant life! I will provide resources to accomplish your personal growth goals and to introduce you to a whole community of womxn who are on this journey with us. Together we will grow, love, support one another and ultimately: thrive with each other!

Abundant Sisterhood Autumn Equinox Retreat 2018

For the last 4 years I have devoted myself to natural healing. Beginning in 2014, following the birth of my 3rd baby…. after finding myself in a deep state of postpartum depression for the third time.  I realized something bigger needed to be done. Something different. I knew everything I had done to this point had been a “bandaid” to cover the symptoms.

In the depths of my darkest place in life, I had no option but to dig DEEP! And that is where I started to see the light.  I knew through this pain, I was not alone…. there are so many womxn out there hurting, and feeling completely isolated through the darkness. It’s my mission to reach out to every single one of the womxn who need a safe space, who need answers, who want more.  I am here for you, goddess. Lets grow together.

I created this space for you, for us! This is just the beginning… but soon you will see all kinds of inspiration, from personal reading lists, to plant-based recipes, to exploring sensuality, motherhood, artistic endeavors, healing through movement, herbal remedies and MORE!

Thank you for being here with me, as we begin this journey together!

Tea and Tarot
Hey siStar! Lets read some tarot and drink tea together sometime… mmmkay?

A little about me.

I am bat-shit passionate about being here for you, sis.


Well, simply put: not that long ago, I was afraid to make friends with womxn. Sound familiar at all? And for good reason… I’ll give you three guesses. But, I have a feeling you know what it is. Like most of us, I’ve been burned. Bad. And it started at a very young age.

I remember at some point, in my early teens, identifying as the girl who didn’t get along with other girls. And although I did everything I could to appear tough to my peers, there was exponential pain and longing to be accepted, loved and to be a part of something more inside of me.

The truth is I craved feminine connection… more than I even knew.

As the years passed and I found myself in the thick of adulthood, by my mid-twenties I was neck-deep in a toxic marriage with two small children. And I was more alone than I had ever been in my life. Isolated by my husband (at the time) from almost all outside communication, and I trusted no one. Not men, and especially not womxn. This was the saddest place I’d been, my lowest low. I didn’t even recognize myself. And I knew something had to give.

It took everything I had to walk away, to start fresh. And when I finally did, at age 27, it was the first time in my adult life that I believed in my own damn self again. I realized after taking that first step forward as an independent woman, a single mom, I possessed something so much greater within me than I had ever given myself credit for. It was the first taste of my personal power I remembered having. And I have to say… this was the beginning of the greatest journey of my life: stepping into my power.

The thing about going through really painful shit is that the lessons learned stick with you forever. And they can fuel your fire, if you can let them.  It’s hard work, Queen, but if you’re in that place right now (maybe not the same scenario, but ready for the change) I want you to know I believe in you! We are all more powerful than we often give ourselves credit for. And I want you to know, I’ve got your back, sis.

Never before have I been more grateful for my independence.

Never before have I believed in myself like I do after walking away from that horrible situation.

But that wasn’t the end of the road… it was only the beginning.

It took me years after leaving my former marriage to realize my relationship with womxn directly related to my relationship with myself… and when I finally swallowed that truth, I knew that I had a whole lot more work to do!

This. Is. Why. I’m. Here.

To create a safe space, for all the ladies who FEEL this, who’ve been there… maybe not in this exact situation. But if you’ve felt it, you know. You know that craving, that tugging at the heart strings for that sisterhood community. That longing to be connected to a badass group of goddesses who organizes the meal train when we really need it. The girls who remind you that you’re feeling all the things because it’s the new moon, or it’s retrograde season again, or simply because we damn well deserve to feel something! That craving to be safe with our sisters when we’re hurting, motivated, excited, sad, inspired, launching a new business, having a baby… whatever! Somewhere to go where we’re safe and supported.

We deserve to heal our mother wound, our sister wound, and to be lifted up along the way!

Before you go, Let’s Connect!

I am creating a virtual community of womxn supporting womxn, and I don’t want any ladies missing out on these tribe vibes.

So if you want in on all this goodness, join my email list!

You will be the first to know when any free content or live online workshops are happening!

I will also send you a link to connect you with my own facebook group of ladies who are all here for the same reason, and in addition to that, you’ll receive a free copy of my personal reading list from my own healing journey.

One last thing,

Thank you for being here. I genuinely appreciate it. And, I’m really excited to have you here!

Smoothie Love
Me, drinking ANOTHER smoothie! 


Heidi X



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